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  • EDDIE ZACK DECEASED. His friend Matt Connelly informed us: "I wanted you to know that Eddie passed away today, 1-09-02. He was a great man, a class that few ever achieve. He helped many musicians, myself included, along the way. I am honored to have been one of Eddie's friends. He was so proud to have been a member of the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame. For that, I want to thank you. Eddie will be truly missed." Sincerely, Matt

    Update: January 24, 2000

    "ON THE AIR! Eddie Zack and brother Richie can be heard on WJJF, 1180-AM, in Hope Valley, Rhode Island. Their show is on daily from 12 noon to 1 pm, and on Sundays from 11 am to 2 pm. Eddie urges any traditional country artists to submit CDs for airplay. Send material to: Eddie Zack, 26 Woody Hill, Rd., Hope Valley, RI 02832.

    Eddie Zack born Edward Zackarian in Providence, RI in 1922. He started his singing career at the age of 16 with his brother Richie Zack, known as Cousin Richie, who also recorded under the name of Dick Richards. Formed Eddie Zack and the Dude Ranchers featuring Cousin Richie in 1939, and they were later joined by their two sisters Babs and Maril. Eddie Zack's radio career began in 1947 at WHIM through 1957.

    He performed on WRIB from 1958-1968; and on WGNG, WKRI & WHIM from 1990-1998; and is presently on WJJF daily at noon and Sundays 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Eddie Zack performed shows at Symphony Hall in Boston, sponsored by Radio Station WCOP in 1952. At that time his band became known as the Hayloft Jamboree. Eddie's band was the first country band to play there.

    They did over 300 television shows in Rhode Island on WJAR Channel10 in 1949 and a series on WPRO Channel 12 in 1965. Eddie Zack and his band performed with such legends as: Eddie Arnold, Roy cuff, Carl Smith, Lefty Frizzell, Webb Pierce, Kitty Wells, Johnny Wright, Ernest Tubb, Jim Reeves, Ray Price, Red Foley, Hank Thompson, Tex Ritter, Hank Snow, George Morgan, Johnny Cash & June Carter, Statler Brothers, Elton Britt, Loretta Lynn, Bill Monroe, Little Jimmy Dickens, Ferlin Husky, and Kenny Roberts.

    Eddie Zack and his band still perform all over Southern New England. Eddie Zack and the Hayloft Jamboree celebrated 60 years in country music in January, 1999. He was the founder of the R.I. Country Music Hall of Fame in 1978 and the Founder of R.I. Country Music Festival in 1974 and is a member of the Rhode Island Country Music Hall of Fame, Country Music Association of Rhode Island Records.

    In 1951 he recorded for Decca Records (16 songs). In 1953 he recorded for Columbia Records (20 songs) of which "Gonna Rock & Roll" and "Rocky Road Blues" became popular. He recently was inducted into the Internet's Rockabilly Hall of Fame on June 1, 1999.


    Courtesy: Just Country, October 1994

    Trends in music have come and gone. For that matter, so have World War II, Korea and Vietnam, several presidents, and the Berlin Wall. Since 1939, Eddie Zack, his brother "Cousin" Richie and their sisters Babs and Maril have been playing country music together. And for 55 years, they've played it the same way; the way they like it, the traditional way.

    This is the real thing. The Tennessee Waltz, Your Cheatin' Heart, Just Walkin' In The Rain. . . . music that doesn't substitute volume for substance, a sound that leaves you relaxed but feeling good. You can dance to it, you can sing along, you can even understand the words. The Zack family philosophy about music could be summed up this way, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

    The Hayloft Jamboree has earned its place as a southern New England cultural institution. They've performed all over the Northeast with some of the biggest names in country music: Eddie Arnold, Ernest Tubb, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash and George Jones (to name only a few); they've had a prolific recording career with Decca and Columbia Records (making the national charts a few times); they were regulars on an NBC radio show heard on 128 stations coast to coast; and were one of the first bands to feature regularly on WJAR, Providence's first television station, back when it was still Channel 11. They have the distinction of being the first country music group to perform at Boston's Symphony Hall.

    Eddie Zack attributes the group's longevity to the family staying together and keeping close to their Rhode Island roots. And something else, he says, "the strongest thing we drink is coffee." They decided, early on, what was most important to them and they stuck with it. If getting famous meant compromising your true identity, well, this family just wasn't interested in doing that. Rock was out of character for them, and they didn't like playing loud. So they just kept playing what they wanted to play. Something they're still doing today. And it seems the trend in music is coming back around. While audiences at Hayloft Jamboree shows display many a grey head, more and more young people are attending now. A whole new audience is discovering that "the old stuff" is really great music. Perhaps the "new" country has opened a window of discovery. Whatever direction the latest trend takes, fans can count on the Hayloft Jamboree staying the same as it ever was, pure country.

    You can hear Eddie Zack and Cousin Richie Sunday mornings on WHIM 1110AM, between 9:00 a.m. and noon, and you can catch the Hayloft Jamboree live at the Ponta Delgata on Saturday, October 1st.


    Eddie Zack, Cousin Richie, Babs and Maril are bothers and sisters. In 1940, with the Dude Ranches, they started playing Country Music in Providence, RI.

    Radio - WHIM from 1947 - 1957 Daily Noontime Show; WRIB from 1958; 1968 Daily Show; NBC Coast to Coast, 128 stations (WJAR Providence) from 1951-52-53 1/2 Hour Show; WCOP Boston 1952-53-54. Also had radio shows on WYNG, WWRI, and WGNG.

    Television - 1949 Channel 11, Providence's first RI channel; 1950 Channel 10 (8 years with 1/2 hour show)
    Also did TV on Channel 12 and Channel 36.

    Records - Recorded 80 songs starting back in 1948, 20 sides with "Columbia", 20 sides with "Decca", 10 sides with "Dude Ranch", 10 sides with "Rhode Island". The others were on Crosstown - Silver Star - Big M and "Ten."

    Jamborees - In the 50's - Hayloft Jamboree; Jack Witchi's Sports Arena No. Attleboro, MA; J & P Coats Ballroom, Pawtucket, RI; Lake Mishnock in West Greenwich, RI; Pine Crest Ranch, Indian Ranch, Crescent Park, Rocky Point Park and Lincoln Park.


    Song - Writer
    I Never Saw her Again - Levitan
    I've Lost Again - Higginbotham
    Little Donkey (La Burrita) - G. Vaughn + Romero
    You Knew Me When You Were Lonely - Fenster
    Positively No Dancing - Leigh + Roman
    Crying Tears - Carver
    Your Out Of My Sight - Brooks + Reed
    Dancing Country Style - North
    Rocky Road Blues - B. Monroe
    Lover Lover [Why Must We Part] - Wolcott
    Foolish Me - Stutz - Barefoot - Findlay
    I'm Gonna Roll and Rock - McMurry + Almond
    Just Walking In The Rain - Bragg + Riley
    Time Alone - M. Mysels - G. Mysels - S. Mysels
    Fourteen Karat Gold - Zack + Sandler
    Born To Lose - Daffan
    Blue Jean Baby - Wolfe
    Not Until I Pray For You - J. Stevens-L.Cole
    I Love You So Much It Hurts Me - Tillman
    We've Got A right To Love - Walker - Sherry - Tillis

    Song - Writer
    That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine - Autry + Long
    Dill Pickles - Charles Johnson
    Heaven's Television Screen - Louis Gould
    The Clouds Will Soon Roll By - Woods + Brown
    Landy Beyond The Sun - Cal De Voll
    Shenandoah Waltz - C. Wise + C. Moody
    Beautiful Brown Eyes - A. Smith + A. Delmore
    You Remind Me So Much - J. Rosenthal
    Ding Dong Polka [unissued] - V. Horton
    Draggin The Bow - Curt Massey
    Words - J. Horton
    Call of The Mountain - Hod Pharis
    Lights Out - Billy Hill

    Song - Writer
    Crazy Arms - C. Seals-R. Mooney
    Ring on The Bar - Jim Fagan
    Hopkinsville Mail - Jimmie Helms
    Fourteen Karat Gold - E. Zack + S. Sandler
    Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On - Hank Locklin
    Don't Make Excuses - David Martins
    Take A Good Look Mr. Mirror - Yvonne Devaney
    It's Written In The Stars - Vaughn Horton
    Helpless - W. Cogswell + C. Charles
    Fabulous - D. Cogswell + W. Cogswell

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