Update: April 28, 2000

A CD SINGLE IS NOW AVAILABLE. "Bounty Hunter Dale" and "Anna Marie" together on one disk.
For More Information, Contact: Edward Michael Sulik,
Hard Rock Hattie Productions LLC. 1-800-337-8545

Eddie Sulik was perhaps one of the most prolific musical artists of the 1950s and early 60s. We wonder what great accomplishments Eddie would have called his own if he were alive today. A singer; composer; and guitarist, Eddie Sulik was on the forefront of a rock and roll revolution. Performing in C&W nightclubs since the early 1950s, by 1956 Eddie discovered a new style called rockabilly. In 1959, Eddie was signed by Columbia Records A&R Legend Don Law after dropping by Law's office one afternoon with a copy of his latest demo "Lovin' & Losin'". Eddie was lead singer and rhythm guitarist of a rockabilly duo known as the Echoes at the time.

The Echoes recordings were backed by some of the biggest names in Nashville. The duo later appeared on stage with superstars like Johnny Burnette, Johnny Tillotson, and the Temptations, among others. In 1960 the Echoes ran a brief tour with the Miss Universe Pageants, and appeared on both radio and TV. Four of Eddie's original compositions were acclaimed in Billboard. Titles "Bye-bye My Baby" and "Ectasy" both became Top-Ten Hits on local charts.

After the Echoes broke up in 1961, Eddie launched a solo career. Eddie was busy performing several nights per week at the Emerald Room and Soundview Hotel on the beach in Milford, CT. Eddie wrote much new material and produced recordings of these works in local recording studios. His current style incorporated Rock & Roll, Country, Pop, Swing, and Latin sounds.

Eddie caught the attention of Archie Bleyer, the former head of the Everly Brothers label, Cadence Records. Bleyer invited Eddie to his office in New York City two weeks before Christmas, 1965. Bleyer selected this day because producer Chet Atkins was going to be in town. Eddie prepared a vast selection of original recordings in a briefcase for the record executives to hear. Eddie was killed in a car accident just hours before his scheduled appointment with the record executives. His final works were left unheard for nearly 3-1/2 decades.

Early recordings, those of the Echoes can be found on the pages of several collectible record books in nearly every major book store. As far as Eddie's final works; they are now available for the first time ever on a new CD titled: "A Farewell legacy". This monumental CD was produced by Eddie's son, who incidentally was only 15 months old when his father died.

For further information about Eddie Sulik, and the Echoes, log on to www.edwardsulik.com

New CD Release:

A Farewell Legacy / Eddie Sulik
Contact Person: Edward Michael Sulik,
Hard Rock Hattie Productions LLC. 1-800-337-8545

A Farewell Legacy is the long-awaited CD by singer/songwriter Eddie Sulik, containing 12 previously unreleased tracks, plus a hidden bonus tract. This album contains a mix of Vintage Rock & Roll, Country & Western, Pop, Swing, and Latin sounds.

In the late 1950s, Connecticut resident Eddie Sulik was lead singer of a rockabilly recording duo known as the Echoes. Eddie had written and recorded a string of Billboard acclaimed Hits for Columbia Records as part of this rocking duo before launching a solo career.

By the mid-1960s, Eddie self-produced several new sure-Hit recordings. On December 9, 1965, Eddie was scheduled to meet with major-label record executives in New York City to discuss a music-publishing and recording contract. Sadly, the night before the meeting was to take place Eddie was killed in an automobile accident while returning home from a business-dinner meeting. A tire blowout was said to cause the accident.

Eddie's final recordings sat unheard in a briefcase for nearly 34 years, until his youngest child - Edward Michael, decided to produce "A Farewell Legacy" as a tribute to his dad. The restoration process was time consuming and painstaking, but the results were astonishing. There were many surprises along the way, including the discovery of Eddie's final composition. The CD was released by (family owned record company) Hard Rock Hattie Productions LLC, on December 9, 1999, the 34th anniversary of Eddie's death.

Available for $14.99 (compact disc) / $12.99 (cassette) from the Connecticut Store at Howland-Hughes, Waterbury, CT., Cutler's Compact Discs, New Haven, CT., Borders Books and Music, Manchester, CT., Sulik), or online by logging on to the world-wide-web at: www.edwardsulik.com

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  • Update: April 17, 2000

    Eddie Sulik's lost 1962 gun-fighter ballad "Bounty Hunter Dale", has been digitally remastered and released on CD single...

    Song Lyrics:

    I came to town the other day just looking for some fun.
    I met a girl that seemed okay, we started drinking rum.
    We really had a time until the stranger came to town.
    He touched her hand, we took our stand, I shot the stranger down.

    The people gathered 'round to see, they'd seen all that I'd done.
    That's when the sheriff said to me, "Now you listen son,
    the girl that you were fighting for just broke out of jail
    - the man that's dying on the floor is Bounty Hunter Dale."

    When I heard this I closed my eyes, then bowed my head in shame, to
    think the way I fought for her, yet she don't even know my name.
    Was this a dream I asked myself, or is it really true?
    May God have mercy on my soul for I knew not what I do.
    The Bounty Hunter still alive, I heard somebody say - if he pulls through, I'll have a chance, if not I'm gonna' pay.
    Just then a silence struck the room, I felt a dreadful pain. That's when the sheriff said to me... "Son, you're gonna' hang!

    Worldwide copyright: Eddie Sulik, Hard Rock Hattie Publishing, LLC.
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