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The team of Doyle Holly and Don Rich who fronted the Buckaroos - back when they won all the awards for Best Band?

Doyle played bass, sang his solo numbers, harmonized and generally entertained the crowds of fans who came to see Buck Owens and his Buckaroos, many of them Doyle Holly's own special fans and friends! His "Ugly Finder" and "Vanish" jokes were classics - and everybody remembers his "Streets of Laredo"!

During that time, they performed just about everywhere in the U.S. and Canada, as well as Europe, including Carnegie Hall in New York City, Las Vegas and Reno, the White House during President Johnson's administration, and the Palladium in London, breaking a lot of new ground for country music. They made countless TV appearances and the Buckaroos were the house band for Hee Haw.

Doyle recorded his own singles, among them "Cinderlla", "Woman Truck Drivin' Fool", "Gatherin' Dust and I'll Be All Right Tomorrow". He was featured on the Buckaroo and Buck Owens' albums, and the syndicated Buck Owens Ranch Show. He received the Bass Player of the Year Award from the Academy of Country and Western Music in 1970.


In 1971, Doyle Holly left the Buckaroos to go out on his own, something he had always wanted to do - he moved to Nashville, forming his own band, called the Vanishing Breed.

Since Then:

Doyle Holly has had several hit singles - his biggest being "Queen Of The Silver Dollar" and "Lila", plus a giant jukebox hit called "Richard And The Cadillac Kings" for which he received an ASCAP award.

Recent Chart-Busters: "Lies" and "Too Much Of Me" have added to Doyle's continued success as a recording artist. His two hit albums - "Doyle Holly" and "Just Another Cowboy Song" were described as showing "Quality and Diversity". . . . showing: "No Weakness". . . .being "Very Tasty". . . . having "An Impressive Array of Material.

Entertainer Andy Williams wrote liner notes about Doyle stating that he "Exemplifies The Greatest of Country Music Through The Honesty of His Interpretation and Selection of Material". . . and called him an "Exceptional Artist".

The trades have called him "Talented". . . a "fine Entertainer". . . spoken of his "Vocal Expertise". . . and classified him as a "Strong Solo Artist"!

Doyle has made numerous appearances on the Grand Ole Opry and the Opry Gospel Show! Television shows to his credit include Dean Martin Presents, Music Country USA, Hee Haw and more recently frequent appearances on Nashville Now with host Ralph Emery. Besides having his own show, Doyle and his Band have been opening act for: Conway Twitty, The Whites, John Schneider, Stella Parton, Gene Watson, Randy Travis and others, giving Doyle an excellent opportunity to meet the fans and sign autographs. Doyle is an artist who truly appreciates his fans and treats them all like friends.

Respected in the industry, Doyle is on the Board of Directors of R.O.P.E. (Reunion of Professional Entertainers), a social organization of artists who have been in the business 25 years or more.

To recognize his many outstanding contributions to country music, Doyle Holly has been honored with a Block in the Walkway of Stars at the Hall of Fame in Nashville, the dedication ceremony taking place during the 1980 Fan Fair.

In 1982, Doyle opened Doyle Holly's Music Store in Hendersonville, TN. When not on the road entertaining, he is in the store selling musical equipment.

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