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Dave Edmunds

I would like to post some extra info on Dave Edmunds (born David Edmunds, 15.4.1943, in Orbit Street? Caerdydd, Cardiff).

Edmunds was in a number of bands in Cardiff starting with 99ers and then The Heartbeats that included his older brother Geoff Edmunds (born Geoffrey Edmunds, in 1940, in Orbit Street? Caerdydd, Cardiff, Glamorgan, South Wales).

Then Edmunds was in Crick Feather's Hill-Billy's with Dave Edmunds (Crick Feathers) on Lead Guitar; Zee Doolan on Bass; Tennessee Tony on Lead Vocals; Tommy Keys on Piano and Hank Two Sticks on Drums. The band played on 16 Dec 1960 at the 77 Sunset Club in Barry, Glamorgan, South Wales.

Then Edmunds was in three-piece band The Raiders formed in 1961 in Ely, Cardiff with Dave Edmunds on Lead Guitar; Brian 'Rockhouse' Davies on Bass and Ken Collier on Drums. Davies was later replaced by Nick Still. The band used to play at the Memo Hall in Barry every Monday in 1962.

After that Edmunds was in The Image, who released three singles on Parlophone 'Come To The Party' / 'Never Let Me Go' (R5281, 1965); 'Home Is Anywhere' / 'I Hear Your Voice Again' (R 5352, 1965) and 'I Can't Stop Myself' / 'Let's Make The Scene' (R 5442, 1966). The Iamge included Dave Edmunds on Lead Guitar and Tommy Riley on Drums. Edmunds had moved up to London in 1965 to join this band.

Edmunds was next in The Human Beans formed in 1966 in Cardiff, who released one single on Columbia 'Morning Dew' / 'It's A Wonder' ( DB 8230, Jul 1967). The group was Dave Edmunds on Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar; Tommy Riley on Drums and John Williams (born John David Williams, 19.1.1946, in Cardiff) on Drums. This band became Love Sculpture in 1968, with Edmunds on Lead Vocals, Guitar, Organ; Riley on Drums, Vocals and Williams on Vcals, Bass, Organ. Later drummer, vocalist Bob 'Congo' Jones (born 13.8.1946, Barry, Glamorgan, South Wales) joined replacing Riley. He was ousted after the first single in Feb 1968 and later appeared in Sassasfras. He was replaced by Terry Williams (born Terence Williams, 11.1.1948, in Swansea, Glamorgan, South Wales) (ex The Smokeless Zone, Dream, later in Man) and Mickey Gee (born Michael Gee, 31.12.1943, in Cardiff died 21.1.2009, at University College Hospital, Cardiff) (ex Tommy Scott and the Senators, Tom Jones and the Playboys, was later in Joe Cocker's Grease Band) came in as a second guitarist.

The band released five singles on Parlophone, starting with 'River To Another Day' / 'Brand New Women' (R 5664, Feb 1968), their second 'Wang Dang-Doodle' / 'The Stumble' (R 5731, Sep 1968). They had a top 5 in Nov 1968 with their third single 'Sabre Dance' / 'Think Of Love' (R 5744, Nov 1968). Their fourth single was 'Seagull' / 'Farandole' (R 5807, Sep 1969) and their fifth was 'In The Land Of The Few' / 'People People' (R 5831, Feb 1970). They also released two albums 'Blues Helping' (PMC/PCS 7059, Nov 1968) and 'Forms And Feelings' (PCS 7090, Jan 1970).

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