In Danny's
Words ...

There was music on both sides of my family. My Dad, Bud Mote and my uncle Paul Bennett played on the Crossroad Follies and many other shows. Cowboy Copas recoreded two of Paul's songs, "Almost Home" and "I Touched The Hem Of His Garment".

My Uncle Robert Mote also played guitar, harmonica and spoons, and later played in Dad's band and on many recordings.

At age nine, I began playing trumpet with the Bellwood Boys Club band, which the Salvation Army taught and I began playing guitar also. At age twelve, I started playing in my Dad's band, Bud Mote and the Country Gents. We played parties and night clubs. We were booked every weekend and some during the week.

By the late fifties and early sixties I was playing piano, tenor sax, base guitar and drums and writing songs. Dad played guitar, dog house base, drums, fiddle, and guitar. We were called out to Bill Lowery's Recording Studio quite often to work on various artist recordings, playing one these instruments alone with Ray Stephens, Joe South, and others.

In 1961, I wrote and recorded a song called "Done You Wrong" and I recorded one my Mother help me write called "Lonesome". Felton Jarvis was the recording enginner who later went to R.C.A. and worked directly with Elvis Presley.

Dad decided to start a record label called "Opal Records" named after my Mother, and released a forty-five with these two songs. After just a short while pushing this forty-five, I was signed on Vee Jay Records. Vee Jay released it on there label. It hit the charts fast.

In 1964 I wrote and recored "Feel So Bad" and "Change of Heart " and released them on Opal Records, a few months later I wrote and recorded "Are They Really Free" and "Merry Merry Christmas. These were released on the Opal Label.

Later in 1964 I went to Nashville and recored two songs "Walk Like A Winner" and "Outside Looking In". These were released on the Tag Record Label.

In 1973, after playing many clubs and shows, I came home and built my own recording studio. In 1976 I recorded many artists: country, gospel, bluegrass, and rock and roll.

I also recored 12 songs that I had written in the passed few years and released them on my own label, A.R.P. Records. The songs were, "River Queen", "Crying Eyes", "Mountain Charm", "Sametime Sameplace", "Snow Flakes", "Bad Habit", "Ringgold", "Last Thing On My Mind", "Rainy Sunday", "Who That Child Is Out There", "Blue Lady", and "Shelly". I'm very proud of this ablum. It represents my own feelings and sounds after many years of Country, Country Rock, Rockabilly and Rock and Roll.

In 1977 our band decided to record a gospel ablum. It was released on Opal Records. The title was "Danny Mote and The Gospel Sounds". The group was Nick Gilliam, Troy Cumpton, Bud Mote and myself.

My next release was in 1986. Cees Klop came to my house and went though old tapes and records I had recored in the sixties and took them to the Neitherlands and produced and album on White Label Records called "Danny Mote - Rockin' It Out". From this there have been several CD's released in the Uk with various artists containing one of my recordings during the past several years.

In 2001 I recorded a gospel CD and released it on the Opal Record label titled "I Can't Even Walk" with ten songs. I'm working on a new gospel alblum to release in 2006.

I thank God for every individual, fan, or musician, who has been a part of my music career, especially my wife Alice and our children, Robby, Lisa, Alan, and Julie.

- Danny

Posted January, 2006

Survey chart from WQXI March 17, 1961

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