Charlie Louvin R.I.P.

Charles Elzer Loudermilk born in 1927, became Charlie Louvin, one half of the award winning duo, The Louvin Brothers, along with his brother, Ira.

Charlie and I started writing together about five or six years ago. I recorded our song, "Mother's Hall Of Fame" and included it on my "Highway Hero" CD. Charlie's response to the song was, "That's pretty good scratching son."

We spent many hours talking about this tour or that show. His memory of every show he ever performed always amazed me. And the stories he could tell about Ernest Tubb or Hank Sr. always had me on the edge of my chair.

Then the call came from Charlie. It was cancer. Then the real battle began. And how he fought it. He never once thought about sitting down.

Charlie and I agreed that one's spirt lives on in their guitars. So on Oct. 2, 2010, my good friend Caylan Hascall picked up one of Charlie's writing guitars and drove from outside of Nashville all the way to my home here in Mississippi and placed it in my hands. The first song I wrote on it was a tribute to Charlie. It is called, "If They Could Only Know." I had the honor of singing it to Charlie over the phone. He liked it a lot.

How does one go on in the shadow of such a loss? I will remember his strength, his gift and his love.

I remember the last thing Charlie said to me, and I send this to him now.
"I will catch up with you somewhere down the road.
Rest in peace my friend ...

Colonel Robert Morris
January 26, 2011


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