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Column #17 - published December 5, 1998


This is another event for which we have to thank the Rockabilly Mailing List. Last year about 4-5 months before Viva Las Vegas, several list members suggested that a meeting place be chosen for List members to get to know each other.

So I offered to hold this meet at my place, affectionately called "Rancho Ronny" by Las Vegas Rockabilly Rebels.

I came up with a suitably pompous name for the event: "THE INTERNATIONAL ROCKABILLY REBELS MEET & GREET". Ha!! :-) :-0

The next step was to set up an agenda, a program of activities if you will. We convinced KAY WHEELER, the Queen Of The Rock'n Bop, to have a signing ceremony of the movie poster "Rock, Baby Rock It", which featured her and Johnny Carroll.

In a free drawing prizes were given away, including CDs, Western Wear, and an original Blasters LP valued at between $150-$350.

And of course we had a semi-acoustic jam session on the patio directed by Bob Kelly who wrote Gene Vincent's classic hit "Git It".

Pizza, appetizers and ROLLING ROCK beer was offered.

Over 160 Hep Cats and Rockabilly Rebels from all over the world attended, including many DJs, magazine publishers, record company owners and concert organizers.

Several exotic 1950s cars were parked in my driveway. Pompadours, Western Wear and Vintage clothing was predominant. It was great fun, and from the letters I got, for many it was one of the high points of their Vegas vacation.

Two nights later we also held a special Pesach dinner and service for two dozen Blue Suede Jews. Leslie and Sean Mencher (of High Noon), Phil Clements, and Ray Campi provided some musical entertainment.

Now we are getting close to the second annual INTERNATIONAL ROCKABILLY REBELS MEET & GREET and here are some of the frequently asked questions I get:

1.) Question: Which bands will be playing?? Can you book my band?
Answer: NO bands will be playing formally, although anybody is welcome to jam "unplugged". You will be hearing tons of bands the following six nights, so you don't need to hear them here!!! The purpose of THE MEET & GREET is to socialize and meet Internet pals, musicians, and cool cats and kitties from all over the world.

2.) Question: I don't belong to the Rockabilly Mailing List, can I still come?
Answer: yes, but if I don't know you, or not know of you, I need a short two or three line bio and a jpeg photo to check you out, and make sure you're not a fruitcake or weirdo!!! The only weirdo allowed here is me!!

3.) Question: What's the admission?
Answer: it's free!

4.) Question: Do we need to bring something??
Answer: No, don't inconvenience yourself! (However if you've got a car, you're welcome to stop at the 7-11 and pick up a six pack, or some cola. Otherwise don't worry!!)

5.) Question: When's the Meet & Greet? What happens after?
Answer: It's on Wednesday March 31 at 2:00 pm. Ends around 6:30 -7:00. At that point we trek on down to Fat Daddy's where Kats Like Us organize a concert with The Three Bad Jacks, The American Standards and Tony Maserati.

For this second Meet I may/may not have a free drawing. I have not decided yet. Instead I will try to interview as many of the attendees as possible to learn more about their involvement with Rockabilly Music.

If you wanna attend, contact me at: rockronny@aol.com

(photos in this column were taken by Sadie and Michael A. Erickson)

Always Rollin' The Rock,
Rockin' Ronny Weiser,
The Rockabilly Rebel Westerner from Las Vegas, Nevada,
The Wild Wild West
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