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Column #15 - published October 5, 1998


Charlie died on August 29, 1998 of a massive stroke. He was only 66.

I still remember vividly Friday May 25, 1973 when I, and a bunch of "rock critics", went to see Charlie Feathers perform at the Minit Stop, which was a roadhouse near Arlington about 34 miles from Memphis, Tennessee.

Charlie's son Bubba played guitar, there was a drummer, Charlie was on acoustic rhythm guitar and there was no bass. The lineup also included Charlie's very pretty daughter Wanda, wearing hot pants, who sang a mixture of Country and Rock'n'Roll songs. In spite of there being no slappin' bass and too much "wa-wa" pedal on the electric guitar, the sound was still frantic and boppin', and the unique Charlie Feathers' style came thru loud and clear!!!

As we were driving into the parking lot, Charlie was belting out "Stuttering Cindy"!! It gave me chills hearing this sensual exotic Southern Sound permeating the surrounding country side of the Tennessee hills!!! Was I in a dream or what? The Rockabilly "mood", the Tennessee "way" really did exist!

After hearing thousands of songs all my life about this great Rock'n'Roll State, here I was finally absorbing the ultimate American experience!!

The audience was an oddball mix of farmers, hippies, greasers, country folks, young women in hot pants, old women in hot pants, what not! The joint was really rockin' and people were screaming, pounding their fists on the tables and shaking their keisters on the dance floor.

Among the numbers Charlie Feathers sang in his unique style were: "Good Rockin' Tonite", "Mistery Train", "Blue Suede Shoes", "Gone Gone Gone", "Your Love Rubbed Off", "Matchbox", "Tongue Tied Jill", "Get With It", "Tear It Up", "Everybody's Lovin' My Baby", "One Hand Lose", "Bottle To The Baby" and of course "Stuttering Cindy"!

Charlie Feathers at Rollin' Rock Records in Van Nuys, California, while recording "That Certain Female".

Bubba Feathers sang "Green River", "Johnny B. Goode", and Wanda Feathers belted out a savage "Long Tall Sally".

Charlie Feathers, The Soul Of The Southland, stirred my emotions and gave me a glimpse of Rock'n'Roll Heaven.

Charlie is now up there in Hillbilly Heaven, and, as I write this, I just heard that GENE AUTRY also died, and joined Charlie Feathers in Hillbilly Heaven.

The body is now gone, but the presence, the music, the "feel", the soul, the influence of Charlie Feathers is with us now more than ever.


"That Certain Female", Charlie's 1970s Rollin' Rock recording.
Apparently Charlie like this one a lot.

"She Set Me Free", the B side of "That Certain Female"

Always Rollin' The Rock,
Rockin' Ronny Weiser,
The Rockabilly Rebel Westerner from Las Vegas, Nevada,
The Wild Wild West
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