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Column 2 - published September 5, 1997


One of the most important events for Rock'n'Roll music these last few years was the establishment of the "rockabilly mailing list". The list was started by Bertrand Kohler in Europe as a forum to exchange views not only on rockabilly, but also on (REAL) Rock'n'Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Hillbilly and related forms of music. Furthermore Bertrand had the intelligence and foresight to include in his charter that the list would also welcome "rockabilly lifestyle" type issues. What are "rockabilly lifestyle" issues?? Well, it could be posts about Pink Cadillacs, or '56 Chevy's, or 501 Levi jeans, or diners, or juke-boxes, or ducktail hairdos, or Vintage Western Wear, or dozens of other subjects related to 1950s (or 1940s) American culture, music, traditions, fashions and styles.

I myself was introduced to the list about 9 months ago by Tony O'Bryan, one of the coolest rockin' cats in America. At that time the listmaster was Jose Espinosa, who is also the leader of a sizzling new rockabilly band, THE SUGAR KING BOYS from San Francisco. The list is currently hosted by Orice Tanner, another super-cool cat indeed. It was great fun to meet Tony, Jose and Orice in Denver during the Rockabilly Weekender this July.

Over the last nine months the rockabilly mailing list has offered a treasure of information, concert news, discographies, band itineraries, TV show alerts, discussions, and tidbits on many rockin' topics. List members have offered accomodation and hospitality to other list members from across the country, or across the world. Rockabilly listniks visiting a strange town for the first time have received royal welcomes from people they had never seen before.

I myself have made many new friends and rekindled old friendships. I've gotten help in fixing my computer and advice about the Denver Weekender and gotten much help from my Las Vegas list-mates in organizing the Rancho Ronny Rockabilly Roundups. People from the list have come to visit and more will come in the future. I even was helped with a discography....of my own label, Rollin' Rock!! Another member was given advice about how to handle the wife's less than complete empathy for Rockabilly Music!

It is thanks to the rockabilly list that we have this incredible website, THE ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME. Here is a quick review on how this happened: Bob Timmers who also runs the Gene Vincent Website was trying to get a campaign started to get Gene Vincent inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, and sent posts to the rockabilly list asking for help. Some of us, including myself, felt that the Cleveland Hall of Fame was really a "Hall Of Shame" because it kept on favouring old Hippies over Rock'n'Roll Legends like Gene Vincent.

What was the solution? Listmembers Legjaw, Bob Timmers, Rodney Pyke and others suggested we start our own Hall Of Fame on the Internet to promote the REAL ROCK'N'ROLL LEGENDS, and not washed-out hippies as those guys in Cleveland were doing. VOILA, The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame on the Web! Thank you Bob Timmers, and thank you ROCKABILLY MAILING LIST!

The American ideal of freedom of speech really comes alive on the list with some heated debates about this artist versus that one, who's the greatest whatnot, what's the rockinest State and so on. Once in a while things get a bit nasty - hey, we're human! - but usually we manage to return to a modicum of civility fairly quickly. Since I joined the list, I'm proud to say that nobody has been kicked out yet, and that currently we don't have a "listmom" to keep us unruly brats in line. A bit of "unrulyness" is inherent to Rock'n'Roll itself, and you can't expect true blue Rockabilly Rebels to be totally free of emotions!

So come and join our ever expanding Rock'n'Roll Alliance and join the list:
Send a message to:
majordomo@teleport.com with
"subscribe rockabilly-l"
in the message body. (Note: "l"is an "El" and not a "one"!!)

Always Rollin' The Rock, Rockin' Ronny Weiser

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