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Column 7 - published February 5, 1998

10 Rollin' Rock CDS Out Now!

For over 15 years it was very difficult to find any Rollin' Rock CDs (or lps) in a "normal" record shop here in the home of Rollin' Rock Records, the good old USA. Well, this has changed in the last few months with the release of 10 Rollin' Rock CDs distributed by Hightone Records, really HMG, Hightone Music Group.

Many of you newbies to the Rockabilly scene missed out on the whole Rollin' Rock thing when it first took off in the 1970s. Well, kids, here is your chance to pick up on some Savage Sensual Sexy all-American Rock'n'Stomp music! I'll give you a short description of each CD in chronological order of release, so you have an idea of what you're trying to buy when you wander into a record shop and the clerk stares at you like you're some kind of a nutcake, and directs you to the "Children Section", like they did with my good pal Pierre Laik of the Rockabilly Mailing List. If this happens, stand your ground, be firm, be a MAN, or, if you're a woman, be a MAN anyway :-) :-), dont let'em push you around, and ask them to order the Rollin' Rock, if they are out of stock!

Anyway here they are, my precious babies:

  • MAC CURTIS - Rockabilly Uprising: The Best Of Mac Curtis - Rollin' Rock/HMG 6601. The legendary Texan starts the series off with 19 of his classics, stuff like "Good Rockin' Tomorrow", "Don't Mess With My Ducktail", "Grandaddy's Rockin'", "Wild Wild Women", "If I Had Me Woman" and 14 more. One of my faves is the previously unreleased Country ditty "More Love Where That Came From". It really grows on ya! This release is also available on vinyl, LP that is!

  • JOHNNY CARROLL - Texabilly - Rollin' Rock/HMG 6602. Another legendary Texan, Johnny needs little introduction as his fame grows larger by the minute, and well deservedly so! Here we have nearly all of his Rollin' Rock output with rockers such as "People In Texas Love To Dance", "Judy, Judy, Judy", "Teenage Sweetie", "Gene Vincent Rock" and 14 more. I wrote "Gene Vincent Rock", and over the years this track has received accolades from all over the world as the song that more than any other captures not only the Gene Vincent sound, but also the Gene Vincent magic. And proud I am, that of the few songs I wrote in my life, this should be one, and I am always mindful that, without Jonny Carroll's stellar performance, I would have never received such global praises. Also available on vinyl.

  • RAY CAMPI - Rockabilly Rebellion: The Best Of Ray Campi Vol.1 - Rollin' Rock/HMG 6603. More than anybody else Ray came to exemplify the "Rollin' Rock Sound", for not only did he record as many as 100 tracks for me, but he also played slappin' bass, guitar, dobro, steel, trashcan drums, etc. on many other artists' tracks. Ray and I coined the phrase "Rockabilly Rebel" almost a quarter of a century ago while recording the song and the LP of the same title (Rollin' Rock LP006). This CD contains 20 of the best, highlighting Campi's versatility, from Little Richard type sax screamers, to Bluegrass, Hillbilly Bop, what not!

  • THE BLASTERS - American Music - Hightone Records HCD 8086. People have been buying at auctions the original Rollin' Rock LP 021 for as much as $150- $200. This release contains all the original tracks plus 7 additional previously unreleased ones. One song, "Marie Marie", was covered by Shakin' Stevens and became a number one hit in England and Top 5 in most European countries. We received 30 more additional covers on "Marie Marie"!!! Here is the ORIGINAL still unbeatable version! On the original LP they lost the bass during the cutting of the lacquer. We corrected the problem on this release which features the original raw ballsy Rollin' Rock sound, and what a stomper this is! Also available on double LP.

  • ROLLIN' ROCK GOT THE SOCK VOL.1: various artists - Rollin' Rock/HMG 4002. 20 awesome Rockabilly tracks on this specially low priced CD featuring 13 legends, including Gene Vincent, Charlie Feathers, Tony Conn and.....well, enuff said, if there's just one rockin' CD you buy, THIS IS THE ONE!

  • JOHNNY LEGEND & HIS ROCKABILLY BASTARDS - Rockabilly Bastard: The Best Of Johnny Legend Volume None - Rollin' Rock/HMG 6605. The man-made legend, the self-made man, the original Rockabilly Rasputin serves up a varied and outrageous fare with stuff like "The Holy Beat", "Stalin Kicked The Bucket", "Rockabilly Bughouse", "Soakin' The Bone", "The Naked Die Young", "The South Is Gonna Rise Again", "Nightbird". A total of 19 hits. If fun and excitement is what you are looking for in your Rock'n'Roll, you've found it!

  • JIMMIE LEE MASLON - Salacious Rockabilly Cat - Rollin' Rock/HMG 6606. In 1972 Jimmie Lee recorded the classic "Haunt You Baby Rock / Please Give Me Something" when he was only 14 years old. Those two became instant underground faves among the Heppest Cats and Coolest Rebels on both sides of the Ocean. They are incredibly exciting tracks to this day.....even more so! Plus I have included the title track, where Maslon's nasty "froggy" voice would make Clarence "Frogman" Henry proud. There are a few Johnny Horton inspired biscuits, and more savage screamers like "Bip Bop Boom", "Your Wildcat Ways" and "Hard Hard Man". As Carmen Wiseman wrote in Pop Top magazine:" ... Frenzied, frenetic, and delightfully horny, Jimmie Lee Maslon exemplifies the great thing about Rollin' Rock: an uncanny knack for getting the right rockabilly sound and feel, but with some kind of unique balomp-bomp boom that transcends the often tiresome basic ingredients."

  • JACKIE LEE COCHRAN - Rockabilly Music - Rollin' Rock/HMG 6604. Jack The Cat, or Waukeen, as he's also known, hails from Louisiana, and, hot damn, he has absorbed that rich soulful Lousiana musical tradition from the tip of his Western boots to the top of his cowboy hat! If strong Southern vocals are your cup of tea, you're gonna dig Jack The Cat's Bayou Rhythm & Blues and Swamp Rockabilly Boogie! How come they don't make singers like this nomore?

  • ROLLIN' ROCK GOT THE SOCK VOL.2 - Various Artists - Rollin' Rock/HMG 4004. If you liked Volume One, you'll also like Volume Two. Specially low priced CD with 20 tracks by such Bop luminaries as: Jimmy Patton, Bob Luman, Gene Vincent, Colonel Jim Silvers, Tony Conn, Rip Masters, Sarah Harris, Cort Murray, Ray Campi, Ezra Charles, Jackie Lee Cochran, Jimmie Lee Maslon, Mac Curtis, Chuck Higgins and The Magnetics.

  • CAT MUSIC - Various Artists - Rollin' Rock/HMG???. This is Rollin' Rock CD number ten, and it is not out yet as I write this column, but you may be lucky enough to know it will be out when YOU read this in February of 1998! Out or not, it includes 5 unissued 1950s masters recorded by Jim Shell in Texas, one by Groovey Joe Poovey, two by Bob Edwards, and two by Diana Wisdom. She roars with a number called "Bop Cat Baby", (He's My Bop Cat Baby, He Wears Ducktail Hair And Tight Blue Jeans). This chick is hot! There are also 3 unissued 1970s masters, one of Merle Travis and Ray Campi, and one with Johnny Carroll getting into a true blue Gene Vincent groove. More great stuff by Lee Finn, Gene Vincent, Alvis Wayne, Whitey Pullen, Gene McKown, Jimmy Patton, Mac Curtis. If this don't catches your attention, nothing will.

    The Rollin' Rock Ten are out on the market now! People have been waiting for 15 years (or longer) for this stuff to come out, and I am doggone happy it finally has! While there are many fantastic new Rockabilly bands today, the Rollin' Rock stuff still moves me a lot. It will move you too, if you go for a scorching raw sound and strong soulful American vocals.

    New recordings are being scheduled for DRAGSTRIP77, Las Vegas' top Rockabilly band, SLOE GIN JOES from San Francisco, and MAC STEVENS, the Corsicana Texas Wild Man, and more will surely follow.

    Always Rollin' The Rock,
    Rockin' Ronny Weiser,
    The Rockabilly Rebel Westerner from Las Vegas, Nevada,
    The Wild Wild West

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