Buddy Sharpe Photos



Burgettstown 1950s "oldies' band Buddy Sharpe and the Shakers opened for the Beach Boys 8pm Tuesday August 23 at the Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse, The Beach Boys took the stage around 9:15 pm. Buddy Sharpe and the Shakers' album, Linda Lee, topped the nusic charts across the nation in 1958. The rock and roll group was then performing throughout the Tri-State area. Group members, from left, are: Brandon Cunning, Buddy Sharpe, Jimmy Mendez, Roy Baker, Jack Giacomel and Lee Bongiomi.

LEFT: Atop the Burgettstown Drive-In concession stand, 1958,
outside at the drive in theater
RIGHT: Youngstown, Ohio. 1958

LEFT: New York, 1957 -- RIGHT: A 1958 photo

Bernard Cline and Plonce Girls, 1959

The Star Lake concent

Marquee - Holiday Inn, 6/14/05

Rockabilly Hall of Fame