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"We started in 1957 and we were together for six months. A man from Youngstown heard us and took us to New York (in 1957). We recorded Linda Lee, which I wrote. The only songs that FEE BEE released were Linda Lee and Bald Headed Baby. The record sold very well. But Buddy Sharpe didn't make a penny ... evrybody made money but me. I am still playing and singing - mostly outdoor concerts, private parties and Holiday Inns."

He had a local band in the Pittsburgh area called Buddy Sharpe and The Shakers. They had two regional hits. One was called "Bald Headed Baby" and the other was "Linda Lee". He appeared on all the local sock hop shows on tv hosted by DJ's Porky Chedwick and Clark Race. His records were played all over America in the '50s and early '60s and even received correspodense as far as California from fans thasaid his records were played on the local radio station.

He was on the same bills as Jimmy Beaumont and The Skyliners, The Del-Vikings, The Platters, The Steroes, The El Capris and any other Rock acts from the era. He recorded for Fee Bee Eecords out of Pittsburgh and cut a session at the Bell Studio in New York. He has been listed on many rockabilly compilations and his music is bought and sold throughout Europe.

Buddy stopped performing after The Beatles came to America with their new music because there was no place left that wanted to hear the original rock and roll. Buddy cut different sessions in the '70s and his last record was recorded in the earl '80s. The name of the record was "Midnight LOve" and "Who Likes To Work".

Buddy recently put his band back together with his original saxophonist. The only other member of Buddy's original band left is the drummer who has retired from playing music. Buddy Sharpe and The Shakers got together to open for The Beach Boys when they came to Pittsburgh. The crowd loved it.

Posted January, 2006

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