BOBBY HELMS started performing two live radio shows daily at age of 9 (one before and one after school) on WTTS, Bloomingtn, Indiana. After he had gained recognition from the radio shows, Bobby started his own regular television show. Hayloft Frolic, on WTTV, Channel 4, where he performed for nearly five years.

Due to Bobby's popularity throughout Indiana, he was invited to perform on Ernest Tubb's Record Shop Midnight Jamboree in Nashville, Tennessee. After hearing Bobby sing, Ernest Tubb arranged for Bobby's audition with the soon-to-be Hall of Fame producer Paul Cohen, then of Decca Records. Immediately after the audition Bobby Helms was signed to the national recording label Decca Records.

In January of 1957, Paul Cohen decided it was time to release a song called Fraulein (Lawton Williams). This song reached Number 16 on the charts in the pop field, surprising everybody because it had a fiddle in it, which was standard for country, but not for pop. Before Fraulein left the country charts, Decca Records released My Special Angel (Timmy Duncan). Then, with Fraulein still on the charts after nearly a year and with My Special Angel making its way towards Number 1, Paul decided that Bobby should be the first to put "a little rock" in Christmas with a release of Jingle Bell Rock. All three songs were on the Billboard charts at Christmas time, setting a record for one artist having the No. 1, 2 and 7 hits at the same time. All of this was succeeded by Bobby's getting Cashbox's Male Vocalist of the Year Award in 1957.

After all this success in 1957, Paul Cohen left Decca Records, and Bobby decided to follow Paul to Kapp Records. There Bobby had several charted records from 1959 to 1962. Then Bobby decided to change labels and signed with Columbia Records. With Columbia, he had several charted records, but none lived up to Bobby's expectations. He then signed with Little Darlin Records where he had three Top 20's songs. Then, in 1970, Bobby joined Certron Records where Mary Goes Round reached Number 13 on the charts before Certron filed for bankruptcy.

Red Foley with Bobby

In 1974, Bobby began touring again with his popular Bobby Helms Show (after a two-year layout due to his wife's illness). Between 1980 and 1990 Bobby has owned three night clubs, has sponsored a music festival yearly, and has performed over 150 tour dates each year. Recently, Bobby has released his Greatest Hits and More, a 10-song video tape which will be sold nationwide on TV starting in November 1990. Bobby has also signed to do his own nationally syndicated half hour TV show.

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A few highlights in the career of
Bobby Helms, the music legend ...

Bobby Helms Legendary Recordings

Fraulein: Remained on national charts 52 consecutive weeks and became the biggest country hit of all times.

My Special Angel: The 7th most beloved song of all time.

Jingle Bell Rock: Has sold over 120 million copies to become the second largest selling Christmas song in history.

Platinum Albums: My Special Angel Bobby Helms sings Fraulein, Jingle Bell Rock, Bobby Helms Pop-A-Billy.

Gold Records: Fraulein, My Special Angel, Jingle Bell Rock, Jacquelin, Just A Little Lonesome, New River Train.

Fraulein: Song of the Year, 1957 Billboard and Cashbox Awards.

Ed Sullivan Show: Dick Clark's American Band Stand, The Patty Page Show, Red Foley's Ozark Jubilee, New Country (TNN) You Can Be A Star (TNN), Fandango (TNN).

Movie Soundtrack Recordings:
Lethal Weapon - Jingle Bell Rock,
Casual Sex - Jingle Bell Rock,
Strange Invaders - My Special Angel,
Country - Fraulein.

Male Vocalist of the Year: 1957 - Billboard.

Most Promising New Vocalist: 1957 - Billboard

Movie Appearances: Case Against Brooklyn (performed Jacquelin)

Record Labels: Decca, MCA, Columbia, Kapp, Little Darlin', Playback-Capitol, Certron.

Disc Jockey Award: 1957 - Billboard.

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