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Bob, the oldest of six children, was born in Appleton, Wisconsin March, 8, 1941 - so he was there when all the action started in the mid 1950s. Spending his high school days at Menasha (Wis.) High School and high school nights with an ear pressed to a small radio trying to listen to WLAC and WSM out of Nashville so he could order those 78-rpm great record package deals from Randy's Record Shop in Galatin, TN.

But his classmates didn't get it. Why was he always excited about Warren Smith, Billy Lee Riley, Johnny Horton and all those cats? Who was he talking about? Could they actually be cooler than Pat Boone?

While in high school Bob joined a group (as a upright bassist) called "The Jitterbugs" with two classmates, Dave Pozolinski (drums) and an excellent guitarist Ricky Leigh Smolinski. This 6 piece group (that included sax and accordion) played cover songs of only two artists: Elvis and Bill Haley. The boys did many school parties, worked as a tag-along band to local disc jockeys' record hops and preformed on-stage during intermissions at the local theatre in Neenah, Wisconsin.

When Bob first heard the Jodimars, he flipped, again telling all his friends at high school about this great ex-Haley band, but no one seemed interested. But, Bob started a Jodimar Fan Club (which Marshall Lytle has long forgotten about) and managed to get about 10 members.

When Gene Vincent broke on the scene Timmers was there buying everything Gene put out and focused his attention on playing lead guitar and started a spinoff group from the Jitterbugs.

In his junior year, Bob was invited to join the top Wisconsin rock going those days - "Jerry Williams & The Rockets" (Bob above, far left). None of the rock bands in Wisconsin at that time had a bass player. So Bob went back to bass, electric this time, and started gigging with the Rockets.

The lead guitarist for the band was Jerry Starr. When Roy Clark left Wanda Jackson, she tapped Jerry to take Roy's place on the road. This caused Bob to move up to lead guitar in the band, where he remained as a member of The Rockets for several years. Bob's favorite guitarist was (and still is) Johnny Meeks of Gene Vincent's Blue Caps. (See Meek's note below)

That was early in the '60s. Throughout the decade Bob started and worked with (and backed up) many rock bands in Wisconsin, northern Illinois and Upper Michigan. One of the highlights was in 1965 when Bob brought an English singer to Wisconsin and spent the better part of a year doing British Invasion music with a real Brit: Lord Beverey Moss

In 1964, his father, Robert H. Timmers, started one of Wisconsin's first weekly free shopper's guide tabloids, "The Bargain Bulletin," which still exists today. During the 1970s and 1980s Bob spent most of his time with his family and the family's publishing business, but still kept one ear tuned to his roots ... rockabilly, early rock and traditional country music.

When Bob visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, He was disappointed to see displays that just didn't fit the mold of early rock and rockabilly. He then when on line to the rockabilly e-mail discussion group and suggested that someone form a real "Rockabilly Hall of Fame" and do it online to keep the cost down and the exposure up. Bob volunteered to give it a try and with the help of Joe Wajgel, the "Rockabilly Hall of Fame" was born March 21, 1997. He had the Rockabilly Hall of Fame name and logo registered and trademarked with the Federal Government, so no one else would be able to use (or mis-use) it.

June 5, 2000, Bob moved from Wisconsin to the Nashville, Tennessee and set up the Rockabilly Hall of Fame office there. Although living in Tennessee, Bob is a member of his favorite church back in Appleton, Wisconsin, St. Joseph's

Bob has four children: Scott, Becky, Steve and Ric - and five grandchildren: Arianne, Ben, Cody, Ryan and Marsia. Today he devotes much of his time to the web site, trying to keep the Rockabilly Hall of Fame¨ going and promoting the music. He

Top: Vic Wendt and Bob Timmers.
Bottom: Don Greudemann and Darryl Jeager

During his years of being a part-time musician, Bob has had a chance to appear on several recordings. Listed below is a rough discography of Bob's credits to date.


1961 - WAPL-AM Studios, Appleton, WI with Jerry Williams & The Rockets.
       "Blueberry Lane" b/w "A Boy Like You"

1965 - Concerto Music basement studio, Appleton, WI with Lord Beverly Moss & The MossMen
       "Please, Please What's the Matter" b/w "The Kids Are All Right"
       See 4th album
       2nd book

1994 - home studio, recorded at 1401 W. Edmund, Appleton, WI
       Entire CD with Kenny King on vocal - Bob arranged all 24 songs, play all instruments
       (this cd was unreleased, only 4 copies made)

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Vol. 1 (1997), Bob appears on:
      "Race with Cliff" (does all instruments)
      "Rock & Roll Saddles" (cover of White Cap's 1957 song)
      "Blues Train"
      "Road Trip"

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Vol. 2 (1998), appears on:
      "Important Words" (with Piper, Gene Vincent's sister)
      "Take These Chains" (with Piper, Gene Vincent's sister)
      "Vegas" (written by Bob)

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Vol. 3 (rec. 1999 rec., released 2000) appears on:
      "I'm Moving On"
      "Rockabilly Blue" (as writer)

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Vol. 4 (rec. 1999 rec., released 2000) appears on"
      "Foolish Thoughts" (with Narvel Felts)
      "Swing Sister Swing" (written by Bob)
      "Just Because"
      "It Doesn't Matter Anymore"

1999 - Jam Place Studio, Lincoln, NE - 2 separate sessions (summer and fall)
      As part of Bobby Lowell and his Nebraska Rocka-Boogie Boys.
Material released on Bobby's "Bootleg" CD.
      "Blue Suede Shoes"
      "I'm Moving On"
      "Just Because"

March 5, 2000 - Jam Palace Studio, Lincoln, NE
      On the entire CD with blues artist Michael B. Smith "Midwest Carolina Blues"

July 20, 2000, Sam Phillips International Studio, Memphis, TN
      "Sweet Nothings" w/ W.S. Holland on drums

July 25, 2000, Burns Station Sound, Burns, TN
      "Boppin' the Blues" w /Stan Perkins, W.S. Holland, Bob Moore
      "Dance to the Bop" w/ Stan Perkins, W.S. Holland, Bob Moore

August, 2000, Burns Station Sound, Burns, TN
      "Double Talkin' Baby" w/Paul Burlison & The Dempseys

January, 2001, Nashville, TN
      Mike Vincent Demo CD w/D.J. Fontana on drums - 2-day session,
      (Nashville, 49 tracks, including many Elvis songs)

January, 2003, Burns Station Sound, Burns, TN
      Lead guitar and producer for
      Roman Self's 13-track album,
      "A Tribute to Ronnie Self",
      (The music of Roman's dad)
      TRACKS: "Ain't I Dandy", "Bop A Lena", "Long Distance Kiss",
      "Big Fool," "Rocky Road Blues," "Bless My Broken Heart",
      "Ain't I'm A Dog", "Pretty Bad Blues", "Big Town", "Flame of Love",
      "Big Blon Baby", "Sweet Nothin's", "You the Mama of My Song"

June, 2003, Burns Station Sound, Burns, TN
      Lead guitar and producer for
      Ollie Lee Rock's "Rock The Earth" album,
      with Mark Winchester (Brian Setzer Orch.), bass, and
      Larry Merritt, piano. (Larry is Jerry Merritt's son).

February, 2004, Burns Station Sound, Burns, TN
      Lead guitar and producer for
      Rockabilly Hall Road Band: 5-Song Demo CD
      with Roman Self (son of Ronnie Self)
      Larry Merritt, piano. (Larry is Jerry Merritt's son).
      TRACKS: "Put Me Down", "She She Little Sheila", "Over the Rainbow",
      "C'Mon Little Baby," "Bop A Lena"

December 27, 2004, Sun Studios, Memphis, TN
With original Gene Vincent Blue Cap drummer Dickie Harrell.
      Dickie Harrell, drums
      Bob Timmers, lead guitar
      Dave Hermsen, Bass
      Billy Swan, Narvel Felts, Rosie Flores, Tracey Nelson, Roman Self, Larry Merritt: vocals
      TRACKS: 10 Gene Vincent songs

January 20, 2007, Phillips Studio, Memphis, TN
      Cut 2 songs (alternate guitar) with Alton Lott for his 2007 CD.
      Bobby Joe Swilley on drums.
      Roland Janes, engineer.

To name few: Dickie Harrell, Tommy Facenda, Johnny Meeks, W.S. Holland, Paul Burlison, Rocky Burnette, Eddie Bond, Glen Glenn, Jody Reynolds, Ersel Hickey, Narvel Felts, Bobby Lowell, Johnny Powers, Art Adams, Rory Justice, Roc LaRue, Lee Rocker, Chan Romero, Dale Hawkins, Slim Jim Phantom, Marco Di Maggio, Roman Self, Mike Vincent, Bill Mack, Alan Clark, Burl Boykin, C.W. Gatlin, Lisa Pancratz, Michael B. Smith, Piper Vincent (Gene's sister), Rockin' Roary, Stan Perkins, Mack Self, Bob Kelly, The Hicksville Bombers (at the UK Americana Festival, July 2005) ...

BOB HAS had the privilege of recording with three of the top original drummers who created rock 'n' roll: D.J. Fontana (Elvis), Dickie Harrell (Gene Vincent) and W.S. Holland (Carl Perlins & Johnny Cash).


December, 2006 - Bob with three of Nashville's top legendary session players.
L-R: Charlie McCoy, Mike Leech, Bob, Gene Chrisman


Roman Self - Bob Timmers - Las Vegas, April 20, 2003

"The Perfect Setup," Bob

JOHNNY MEEKS: "The Ultimate Rockabilly / Rock 'n Roll Guitarist."

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Bob gave himself to Jesus November 17, 2015

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