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Bob "The Lumberjack" Beasley

Bob Beasley's Photo Page

The "Lumberjack," Bob Beasley, Champion Pro-Wrestler is known as one of the most rugged and powerful wrestlers in the world, having held five titles, retiring the belt of the Western States Heavy Weight Title, which he held for 15 years.

Tired of "Ring Wars", the Lumberjack has turned his sights and goals towards his Rockabilly style of music. Elvis, Buddy Holly, Buddy Knox's style and the golden 50's were his inspiration. His dream is to pay tribute to all the great legends of Rock and Roll. Lumberjack has produced three albums, two tributes, "A Tribute To Buddy Holly", featuring Roy Orbison's original rhythm section and the world famous "Jordanaires", backup vocalists for Elvis Presley. An album composed of his original songs entitled "Heart of The Lumberjack," featuring the famous Gatlin Brothers music resources, backing up Lumberjack's rich voice which many have compared to Burl Ives.

Lumberjack has entertained millions of people across America, Canada and around the world via television and live performances in Reno, Las Vegas and Hollywood, to name a few. His style gives high energy to the crowds who love him. September 7th, 1996, the City of Lubbock, Texas featured The Lumberjack at the Buddy Holly Festival, backed up by the original vocalists, "The Roses" and "The Fireballs", the crowd clamored with excitement, begging for more.

Lumberjack has had a successful run of "Cryin,' Waitin,' Hopin'" across Europe. To keep his fans happy, he has recently reproduced two more Buddy Holly hits, "True Love Ways" and "Peggy Sue Got Married" that already have topped the charts. Now, before his fans can catch their breath, he committed one more tremendous song on a vinyl single, "Words of Love", a true summer sizzler which hit the European Top Ten in just a few weeks. This is no sleeping giant, look for the Lumberjack to climb the charts, look also for his debut tour that will proceed his album.

LEFT: Lumberjack recording "20 Golden Hits of Buddy Holly" in Germantown Studio, Nashville, Tennessee. - RIGHT: Lumberjack with Jordanaire Leader Gordon Stoker.

Beasley was barely three years old when his family left Oklahoma and moved to Kelso where his father became a lumberjack. As Beasley entered high school in the mid-'50s, rock'n'roll music was bursting onto the scene, stirring him inside. He recalls trading his best black leather coat - "A power coat in those days," he says - for a guitar. I had to teach myself to play," Beasley says. "It happened that I learned to play just like Buddy Holly," his favorite rock 'n' roll star. Also, while in high school - when he wasn't singing in the choir - Beasley wrestled and lifted weights, foretelling future fame that was to be mixed with pain.

Buddy Knox opened a night club in Canada and for many years took occasional breaks to go out on performance tours. Show business friends threw him a 60th birthday party that attracted 2,000 celebrities and other well-wishing friends. Among them was Lumberjack, a wrestler-turned-musician from the Northwest named Bob Beasley. "I saw this big man walking toward me," Knox laughs. "I thought he was there to wipe up the house. Then I recognized him from TV." The two immediately hit it off. "The lion and the tiger could get along together," Beasley chuckles, casting a grin at Knox. The two kept in touch.

After winning big at a weight-lifting meet in Portland, Oregon, Beasley was approached by two professional wrestlers who talked him into joining their ranks. "Breaking in," Beasley grimaces, "they pound the soup out of you." As his wrestling career blossomed, Beasley - extra tall and weighing in at 340 pounds, adopted the name "Lumberjack" and was billed "The Paul Bunyan of wrestling." Beasley wrestled throughout the U.S. and Canada, gaining superstar, celebrity status from television coverage. He earned five national championship titles, and retired the Western States Heavyweight Title which he held for 15 years.


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