Tribute to Bill Woods
Posted March, 2012

Bill Woods and his i949 Fender Nocaster

Woods and His 1952 Fender Telecaster Reissue Fender Guitar Company Donated To Bill As a Thank You For Bill Bringing the First Telecaster To The Blackboard Stage In Bakersfield.
In 1952 When Bill Hired Buck Owens as the Lead Guitarist For Bill Woods Band The Orange Blossom Playboys Buck Owens was So Impressed With Bill's Nocaster He Bought One. Thousands Of People Saw Buck Using The Fender Telecaster
When Buck's Career Grew Thus Being Responsible For The Public's Interest In The Fender Telecaster and Selling Thousands of the Fender Telecaster.

Songs with and about Bill Woods

Truck Driving Man
Bill Woods, vocals / Don Rich, vocals and fiddle

Louisiana Swing
Bud Hobbs, vocals; Bill Woods, piano: Buck Owens, Lead guitar;
Jelly Sanders and Oscar Whittington, fiddles

Bill Woods from Bakersfield
Merle Haggard

Bill Woods from Bakersfield
Red Simpson

Legend of Bill Woods
Ken Nordin and the High Sierra Band

Man in the Mirror
Ken Nordin and the High Sierra Band
This was the last project Bill Woods was involved in advising Ken in Buck Owens' old studio, called Fat Trax, while Ken was recording this song. Bill was very fond of this song.

My heart felt tribute to my dear friend
Bill Woods "The Father of the Bakersfield Sound."
Glenn J. Pogatchnik
"The Ambassador of That Bakersfield Sound"