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ALVIE SELF: (Bio) Born in Cottonwood, Arizona Grew Up In Verde Valley As a youth Alvie Self worked in Rodeo, was also a Heavy-Equipment Operator.

Played Accordion in his youth, then took up playing guitar. Playing a solid-body Les Paul guitar and using a Magnatone Amp. His first recoording on the FORD label, Phoenix (Ford 1015) "Rain Dance", next the popular "Nancy" backed by "Let's Go Wild" now a legendary Rockabilly record.(DonRAY DR-5963)

On his DON RAY Recordings he was accompanied by Duane Eddy's drummer also by Al Casey on piano on "I See Your Love" (DonRAY DR-5963).

Versatile, excellent guitar player and still plays at a local Arizona Ranch to many Visitors at the M-Diamond Ranch. Alvie was recently inducted into The Western Swing Music Association Hall of Fame and is also in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame¨.

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