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Alan Clark, Gloria (Eddie Cochran's sister)
and Alice Cochran (Eddie's mother).

Buena Park, Calif. - April 17, 1992

All 4 Original Diamonds and
all 3 Original Angels

Greek Theater - October 7, 1995

Left to Right: Tommy Allsup, Maria Elena, Niki Sullivan,
Don McLean and Peggy Sue Gerron

Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, IA - February 5, 1994

Left to Right: Carl Bunch, Jay Richardson, Tommy Roe
and Tommy Allsup

Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, IA - February 2, 2002

Jerry Wallace, Bobby Helms and Alan Clark
Greek Theater - October 5, 1991
Legends of Rock 'n' Roll Show

Alan Clark, Tommy Sands and the 4 Original Diamonds
Greek Theater - October 7, 1995

Left to Right: Connie "Guybo" Smith, Alan Clark, Roy McCllough,
Bob Denton, Glen Glenn and Richard McCollough

La Puente, Calif. - June 30, 1984

Thurston Harris and Alan Clark
Buena Park, Calif. - December 17, 1989

Left to Right: Bobby Cochran, Alan Clark and Jay P. Richardson
Reseda, Calif. - March 11, 1990

Left to Right: Bobby Day, Alan Clark and Jerry Wallace
Celebrity Theater, Anaheim, Calif. - November 22, 1987

Joe Clay
New Orleans, LA - April 30, 1990

Jimmy Rodgers, Alan Clark and Dave Somerville (Diamonds)
Greek Theater - October 6, 1989

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