Rockabilly Hall of Fame Legends List

"A" Artists & Songs




Abandoned (The)
Come Along Mary

Abat, Menggoy

Primary Boogie

The Abootay's

Pig Bone




*Ace, Johnny

Pledging My Love
On-Site Mini-Bio

Acey, Johnny

I Go Into Orbit

Ackoff, Bob
Come Dance With Me, 60
Acorn Sisters
Real Gone

Adair, Ronnie
I Don't Hurt Anymore

Adams, Art
Dancing Doll,'60
Indian Joe, '59
Rock Crazy Baby, '59
She Don't Live Here No More, '60

Adams, Billy
Blue-Eyed Ella, '59
Fun House, '59
Return Of The All-American Boy, '59
Rock Pretty Mama, '59
That's My Baby, '59
True Love Will Come Your Way '58
Walking Star, '58
You Gotta Have A Ducktail, '59
You Heard Me Knockin', '58

Adams, Bobby
All Alone, 58

Adams, Charlie
Black Land Blues, '56
Cattin' Around, '55
Sugar Diet, '56

Adams, Deke

Cattletruck Drivin' Boogie

Adams, Cliff
Adams, Grier

Adams, Harry

Milk Bucket Boogie

Adams, Jerry
Old Black Joe, 59

Adams, Link
Adams, Ray
Adams, Ritchie
Adams, Rush

Adams, Woodrow
Born Tchula, Mississippi, 1917. A tractor driver and sometime guitarist for Howlin' Wolf, Willie Nix and Robert Nighthawk. He modeled his vocal, harmonica and guitar style on Wolf. Adams ran a band called the Boogie Blues Blasters. Recorded for Chess, Sun, Meteor and Home Of The Blues.

Adano, Ernie
Adderly, Tommy
Akin, Chuck

Adkins, Hasil
Chicken Walk, '62
She's Mine, "62

Adkins, Hobo Jack
Union Man, '59

Adkinson, Billy
Sugar Lump/Sweet As She Can Be, '59
Rock-A-Mo, Part II

Admiral Tones
Agan, Larry

Agee, Don
My Car's Faster Than Your Car, '60

Aguire, Jim

Oh, Look At That Baby
Wildcat Daddy - (Unissued)

Aguirre, Jerry

Satellite (Unissued)

Akin, Jimmy

Akins, Jim

Al & The Echoes

The Longer You Wait

Al & Jim

Al & Nettie
The Frog Hop, 59
Move Baby Move, 59

Alabama Kid
Rockin' Jalopy, '58

Alaimo, Chuck

Alaimo, Steve
Should I Care, '59

Alan, Denni
Turn About Date, '59

Alan, Neil

Light My Rockets

Albano, Frankie

Albert, Mel
Never Let Me Go

Albin, Hollis
V8 Ford Boogie

Albright, Budd
Got No Sunshine in My Soul


Alden, Roy
Crazy Memories

Aldo, Buddy
Gotta Get To Memphis, '61

Aldridge, Jim

Aldrich, Charlie & Wayouters

Scroungy Man

Alexander & Bandsmen

Everybody Rock

Alexander, Bob
Treehouse, '59

Alexander, Charles
Alexander, Joe

Alexander, Max
Little Rome, '59
Rock Rock Everybody Rock


Allan, Chad & Reflections

Back & Forth

Allan, Johnny
Promised Land

Allen, Annisteen
Rough Lover

Allen, Barbara
Sweet Willie, '58

Allen, Bill
Please Give Me Something, '58

Allen, Bobby

C.B. Baby
Mean Woman Blues

Allen, Carl

Allen, Chris

Saxophone Pete
Tick Tock

Allen, Claud

Looking For Me

Allen, Danny
Allen, Dave
Allen, Dean
Allen, Dee

Allen, Harold
I Need Some Lovin', '57

Allen, Ira
Nursery Rock

Allen, Jesse

Love My Baby

Allen, Jim
Allen, Jimmy

Allen, Joe & His Alley Cats

Baby Baby Baby

Allen, Johnnie
Allen, Johnny

Allen, Joyce
Baby Oh Baby

Allen, Kirby
Mother Don't Allow No ...

Allen, Little Joe & The Off Beats

Cause I Love You

Allen, Lonnie
You'll Never Change Me, '61

Allen, Little Johnny

She's The Girl For Me

Allen, Little Marie


Allen, Mearl

Allen, Milton
Don't Bug Me Baby, '57
Lovin' Huggin' Kissin' My Baby

Allen, Ray

Allen, Rex
Knock Knock Rattle, '58

Allen, Ronnie
High School Love, '59
Juvenile Delinquent, '59

Allen, Tony

Allen, Van

I Don't Believe I'll fall In Love Today

Allens, Arvie
Fast Freight, 58

Allers, Ron
Heartless Woman

Alley Cats


Alley, Jim
Great Pretender, '60

Alleyne, Gloria

When I Say My Prayers

Allis, Burt (& The Diggers)

Allison, Dave

Hep Cat Rock-A-Bye

Allison, Jerry
Allison, Joe
Allman, Sheldon


I'm Sorry
There She Goes

Allsup, Tommy and

Almond, Hershel
Let's Get It On, '59
Lookin' For A Woman, '59

Almond, Lucky Joe
Hickory Nut Boogie

Alton & Jimmy
Have Faith In My Love, 1959
No More Crying The Blues, 1959
Alton Lott and Jimmy Harrell, guitarists, singers and songwriters recorded two sessions for Sun in a late rock style on April 5, 1959 and June 5, 1959. Backing by Roland Janes, Billy Riley, and Jimmy Van Eaton. Alton Lott since toured and played lead guitar on several recordings. He toured in the United States with a group called "Faux Pas" for several years. Alton and Jimmy's music can be heard on recent re-issue compact discs or Bear Family, Charly, and AVI labels. They plan to enter the studio and record new material soon as well as make public appearances, both in Europe and the United States.

Alston, Eddy

Gonna Get Me A Watchdog

Alvin & Bill
Typing Jive

Amato, Larry

We're Gonna Have A Party

Amber, Jan
The Little Martian

Amelio, Johnny
Jo Ann Jo Ann

Ambrose, Joey (Comets/Jodimars)

Ambrose, Kenny

Won't You

Ambrose, Tommy

The End Of The World
Jiminy Jum Jum

Amerson, Doug
Bop Man Bop, '58

Ammons, Gene

Rock Roll

Ammons, Lew

Cab Driver's Blues

Amory, John

Anderkin, Lonnie
Teenage Baby

Anders, Pete
Remember Me

Anders, Russ

Andersen, Al

Road Trip

Anderson, Al & The Red Scales

Hootenanny Special

Anderson, Andy
Johnny Valentine, '57
Johnny Valentine, '58
Tough Tough Tough, '57
You Shake Me Up, '58

Anderson, Bailey

Anderson, Dot

Walkin' Papers
Jealous Hearted Woman

Anderson, Elton
Secret Of Love, 59
I Love You, 59
Catch That Train

Anderson, Gene

Anderson, Jimmy

I Wanna Boogie

Anderson, Keith

Anderson, Les
Anderson, Lonnie

Anderson, Sonny

Lonely Lonely Train

Andrews Brothers
Andrews, Gary

Andrews, Hal
Brown-Eyed Girl

Andrews, Joe

Hey Man

*Andrews, Patty

(Born 2/16/20 Minneapolis; leader of the Andrew Sisters)
Too Old To Rock'n Roll

Andy & The Gigolos

The Bug
Bo Diddle Widdle

Andy & The Live Wires

Angel Face

When The Saints Go Marchin' In

Angel, Jimmy

Angel, Johnny

All Night Party
I Got My Mojo Working

Johnny Angel & The Dodgers

Pretty Baby

Johnny Angel, (Aka Jimmy Lee Fautheree)

Baby It's Love

Angel, Ronnie

That's All Right

Angel, Tommy

Angelo's Angels

I Don't Believe It

Ann, Terry

Motorcycle Jack

Anne, Polly

Walking Baby Boogie

Anthony, Chuck

Squirmin' At The Sherman

Anthony, Joe
Anthony, Marc
Anthony, Mark

Anthony, Mike

Nancy Lee/I'm 21 JoAnn

Anthony, Nick
Anthony, Paul

Anthony, Ray B.
Born Rayburn Anthony in Jackson, Tennessee. Colleague of Carl Mann and recorded for Sun with backings provided by Mann's band in October 1957. Singer and composer, runs Arlue Recording. In 1978 came through with a hit on Mercury, Shadow of Love.

Anthony, Tony

Anthony, Vince
Too Hot To Handle

Apilado, Don

The Pigeon

Apostle, Jimmy

I Love Ya Honey


Bony Moronie
(Priscilla Mitchell member: was married to Jerry Reed)


She's The One For Me / You

Appell, Dave

Arena Twins

Prince Arky

Ten Horned Devil
I'm pickin' on you

Arlin, Bob
Arlin & Earl

Arline, Jamie

Early One Morning

J.C. Arline

Sweet Potato Child

Arlington, Sue

Arlo, Ray

She's My Steady Date

Armstrong, Dick
I Want To Go Steady With You

Armstrong, Don

Armstrong, Joan
Big Midnight Special

Arnell, Billy

Arnold, Bee
Plant You Now, Dig You Later

Arnold, Clyde

I've Got A Baby

Arnold, Eddy
Hep Cat Baby, '54
I Wanna Play House With You, '51
Rockin' Mockin' Bird, '56

Arnold, Jack
Hang Out, '61
Red Coat Green Pants & Red Suede, '61

Arnold, Jerry
Can't Do Without You, '58
High Class Baby, '57
Juliet, '57
Race For Time, '57
Three Months To Kill, '57

Arnold, Lloyd
& the Rockin' Drifters
Hang Out, '61
Red Coat Green Pants & Red Suede Shoes, '61

Arnold, Murray

Arnold, Ralph

Hound Dog Boogie

Arnold, Willard

Arp, Jim

Arthur, Charline
Hello Baby, '56

Arthur, Wayne

Big Daddy

Art & The Scioto Rhythm Boys

A String Boogie
Doorstep To Your Heart

Artie & The Mustangs
Skip, Hop 'n' Wobble

Ashburn, Shorty

Ashley, John
Born to Rock, '58

Ashley, Robert
Comic Strip Rock And Roll

Askew, Luke

The Bells

Asleep At The Wheel

Hot Rod Lincoln


Shhh, Blast Off
Don't Dig This Algebra


Come Along Baby, '62

Atcher, Randy
Indian Rock

Atchison, Sammy

Atchison, Tex
Tennessee Hot Dog

Atha, Chuck
Just Me And My Baby
Ooh Eee

*Atkins, Chet

Atkins, Dave

Atkins, Jim
Ding Dong Daddy

Aubrey Twins

August, June
Hip Kitty To The Bopper, '59

Austin, Bobby
(posted May 1, 1998) Bobby's 65th birthday is Monday May 4 (1933)! He started as a bass player in Vancouver,Wa. He moved his family to L.A. and knocked on doors until he met Buck Owens and got into a studio audition which earned him a signing with Capitol. Bobby performed with Buck Owens, Winn Stewart & the Tourists and Merle Haggard performed with him also. Bob stayed with Capitol for 7-8 yrs and then signed on with Atlantic. With Knoxville Station on the HOT TOP 20, Bobby was on the charts solo! Also a successful songwriter at the time with such hits for other artists were APT # 9 (written for Tammy Wynette - Her 1st #1 Hit) and the record company released the song penned by FERN FOLEY (Bobby's Wife). He wanted it in her name,though Johnny Paycheck wrote the line Loneliness surrounds me, without your arms around me-Bobby allowed him 1/2 of the songs rights. Additionally, Bob wrote Try A Little Kindness Performed by Glen Cambell. Bob has lived with Dialysis for several years but he also worked his other art-as a well known folk artist in the Northwest. Other record companies that Bobby worked with were Tally records and Central Song. He still enjoys a private pickin' session occasionally! Bobby Plays Bass, acustic and sings. He is married to Fern and they live in Vancouver, Wa , They have 4 children and several grandchildren. Bob will view the Rockabilly HOF site for the first time on is birthday great surprise for him. He's never been on the net. WE ALL LOVE YA BOBBY...THANKS FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE MUSIC! - submitted by Bobby's Buddy (
Austin, Donald

Austin, Donel
Get With It

Austin, Little Augie

Austin, Sil
Slow Walk,br> Pink Shade of Blue

Austin, Smiley
Avak, George

Awalt, Ray (& The Bi-Stone Playboys)
Ray's Theme

Avon & The Rave-Ons

*Axton, Hoyt

On-Site Mini-Bio
Hoyt's mother, who passed away in 1997, wrote "Heartbreak Hotel."

Aycock, Ear

Ayers, Cliff
Rock Baby Rock, '57

Ayers, Glen

JOHNNY ACE. Born John Alexander Jr., June 29, 1929, Memphis, TN. Died December 24, 1954, Houston Texas. Johnny was one of the most popular singers of the early 1950s, but he is perhaps most famous for the way he died - he allegedly shot himself while playing Russian Roulette. Johnny served in the navy during WWII. Later he joined the Adoplh Duncan band as a piano player. He often jammed with B.B. King Bobby "Blue" Bland on Beale Street in Memphis. In 1953 he issued his single, "My Song." On Christmas eve he died backstage at Houston's City Audorium. In recent years the details of his death have questioned the possibility of murder. One of his biggest hits was the 1953 tune, "Pledging My Love."

CHET AKTINS. Born June 20, 1924 in Luttrell, TN. Raised in poverty, Chet received his musical training from his evangelical singer father and an older half brother. He started playing guitar about age nine, admiring Les Paul, Django Reinhardt and the finger-picjing style of Merle Travis. He began his music career in his teens playing fiddle for Archie Campbell. The "Country Gentleman" switched to guitar, then moved on the Grand Ole Opry while doing session work and producing. Chet was instrumental in helping the Everly Brothers get started and produced some Roy Orbison and Elivs projects. In 1973, at the age of 49, he became the youngest inductee in the Country Music Hall of Fame. To date he has recorded over 75 albums, selling a total of over 35 million records.

HOYT AXTON. Born March 25, 1938, Duncan, OK. Singer/songwriter Hoyt Axton's mother (a noted song writer herself "Heartbreak Hotel" among them) passed away in early 1997. Hoyt's most famous songs: "joy to the World," "Greenback Dollar," "The Pusher," "The No-No Song" and "Have You Ever Been to Spain" were hits by other artists. His father and the family was always on the move. Released his first LP "The Balladeer" in 1962. Axton acquired and eventually kicked a ten-year cocaine habit. He appeared the movie "The Black Stallion. His acting career grew as he appeared in the "Bonanza" TV series and then back to the movies: "E.T.," "Gremlins," and "We're No Angels." Died Oct. 26, 1999.