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Weekenders & Important Show Dates
  • Nashville Boogie May 12-15, 2016
  • Rockabilly on the Route June 2-5, 2016
  • Screamin' Festival June 6-12, 2016
  • Americana International 7 July - 11 July 2016
  • Crazy Rhythm Festival October 12-16, 2016
  • Memphis International Rockabilly Festival October 14-16

  • Rhythm Riot 11 November - 14 November 2016

    Links that are a little off to the side but still interesting...

  • Eddie Cochran's Rehearsal Space

  • Holly/Crickets book

  • Message Board Updated 5/15/16 (Johnny Seay R.I.P.)

  • Billy Harlan EP

  • Matt Lucas update, May 11, 2016

  • Travis LeDoyt featured

  • https://www.facebook.com/EddieCochranWeekend/

  • Alan Freed ashes find a new home

  • Last pictures of Buddy Holly

  • Linda Gail Lewis featured

  • Little Richard denies claims of poor health

  • Dates for the festival 14 to 16 October 2016. Info coming out soon. Memphis International Rockabilly Festival"

  • Archived Sam Phillips interview

  • RE: Bill Kirchen

  • First Elvis Tupelo show

  • More info on Jerry Lee's box set

  • Tennessee Three CD

  • "Great Balls of Fire" co-writer dies

  • Bob Luman Highway dedication

    Merle with RHOF hat
  • Merle Haggard dies

  • National Blues Museum opens

  • Eddie's car cash

  • Lee Rocker featured

  • Rock Hall upgrade

  • Of interest to Mack Vickery fans

  • RE: Sam Phillips

  • Article on Tom Ingram

  • Dave Alvin ("Blasters") featured

  • Chuck Berry's Greatest posted March 12, 2016
  • Video: Little Richard's Greatest, posted March 12, 2016

  • Eric Clapton and Carl Perkins Jam

  • Keeping up with the Nelson Twins

  • Beatles scholar sheds light on the band's 1950s influences

  • Arkansas Gov Donates $100k towards Johnny Cash Home Restoration

  • Ronnie Haig's page updated

  • Cherry Divine CD review

  • Remembering radio legend John Rook

  • Bobby Cochran's bond with Uncle Eddie

  • The godmother of rock 'n' roll? Sister Rosetta Tharpe featured

  • Elvis' Doctor dies - Wikipedia on "Dr. Nick"

  • Sonny James R.I.P. Had a hit with Ric Cartey's "Young Love."

  • Memphis: Revisit

  • Jimmy Spellman now has a Face Book page

  • New book chronicles Rock 'n' Roll Highway

  • Little Richard Band Album Released

  • Albert Lee featured

  • Something of interest for Ricky Nelson fans?

  • Gene Vincent, 1956-1959 1 hour video

  • Tarantula Species named after Johnny Cash

  • RE: W.S. Holland and other Jackson TN early rockers

  • Marco Di Maggio Newsletter (converted from an e-mail to basic text)

  • DJ Del Villarreal featured

  • "Million Dollar Quartet" television series to shoot in Memphis

  • Johnny Cash Folsom Statue

  • Update: Still going strong, The Million Dollar Quartet Show - with new cast members

  • Dominique Anglares' Face Book page offers some great posts about the early country/rockabilly performers.

  • Imelda and Darrel pix

  • Video: Carl Perkins Inducted Into The Hollywood Rock Walk

  • 30th Anniversary of the 1986 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductions

  • One of the most active rockabilly legends on Face Book is Dickie Harrell, Gene Vincent's Blue Caps original drummer. Why not visit his page and post a "hi".

  • Gretsch exhibit opens at Country Music Hall of Fame

  • Linda Gail Lewis update

  • Jimmy Dell returns home

  • Buddy Holly, 15 things, Part 1 - Part 2

  • Sam Phillips featured

  • Johnny Cash, 15 things, Part 1 - Part 2

  • 60 CD Elvis Box Set

  • Wanda Jackson Makes a Mean Bologna Sandwich

  • Tom Jones / Jerry Lee article link

  • New Sam Phillips Book

  • Ricky Nelson, 15 things, Part 1 - Part 2

    Sideline Archives Here

  • Tony Wilkinson's (Review) Pages
  • Americana, UK
  • Australian Festival Page
  • Autographs
  • Recommended: Rockabilly Book, The Twang Heard 'Round the World
  • Barry Dixon's Photo Gallery
  • Barry Klein's Reviews
  • Bear Family Essentials (archived)
  • Blue Suede News Magazine
  • Cracker Jack On-Line Magazine
  • Bo Diddley News Updates (archived)
  • Dynamite Magazine
  • Country History Calendar
  • Extra! Bill Haley & The Comets
  • Clocks Around the Rock
  • Golly Gee Records
  • Green Bay's Oneida Casino Entertainment Schedule
  • Hemsby weekenders
  • Jeff's Retro Music
  • Joe Bennett's (RIP) Column
  • Kardboard Kid's Posters
  • Looking Back: David Loehr's Indianapolis "Rockabilly Rebel Weekenders" Archives
  • Marshall Lytle's (Comets) (RIP) Crazy Lytle Page
  • Rock and Roll Revue (France) Contact>
  • Now Dig This Magazine
  • Off Topic Links
  • Other Online Museums
  • Over 130 Artists on a YouTube Video
  • Pumpin' Piano Players
  • Scotty Moore Venues, large list of venues Scotty performed in with Elvis, Bill and eventually DJ and the Jordanaires.
  • Rockabilly Heaven
  • Rock-it Radio Archives
  • Rockin' Ronny's Feature Columns Archives
  • Rockabilleville Shaun Mather
  • Rockabilly Chapel
  • Rockabilly Gals
  • Rockabilly on YouTube
  • Rockabilly Rave USA
  • Saints (sort of the Heaven Hall of Fame)
  • "Saturday Night Jamboree"
  • Search Blogs for "Rockabilly"
  • Scrapbook (large)
  • Sun Studio
  • That Bakersield Sound
  • The Iowa Rock 'n Roll Music Association
  • The Penthouse
  • The Phil & Shaun Show archives
  • Shakin' All Over Yahoo email group
  • The Sun 45's
  • "This Is My Story"
  • Traditional Country Hall of Fame
  • Viva Las Vegas
  • Johnny Vallis Presents:
          Bear Family "Essentials"
          Rave On Reviews
          Johnny Vallis' Scrapbook

  • Rockabilly Hall of Fame
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    Carl Perkins, the Father of Rockabilly
    Video: Birth Of Rock & Roll - Carl Perkins

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  • "Back issues of "Blue Suede News" going digital

  • Lonnie Mack dead

  • James Heubert Wilson's RHOF page

  • Carl Perkins honored by the Country Music Hall of Fame

  • New Gene Vincent Documentary

  • Breathless Dan O'Coffey
    I'm writing on behalf of my father here. He passed March 27, 2016, peacefully after a short illness. I know he really enjoyed his time on facebook - he saw it as a way to champion the music he loved - 50s American Rock'n'Roll and its many roots and shoots - as well as the authentic Rockin' styles of the 1950s. He dedicated his entire life with total passion to this music and the lifestyle that went with it and as everyone will know could not stand fakes or forgeries of any kind. I know many of you were regularly in contact with him and many others offered your best wishes - I want to thank you all personally for those. He didn't have a message for facebook but I know he would want people to keep digging the genuine 50s Rock'n'Roll, and all its many tributaries. - Donal O'Cofaigh

  • Bill Watkins R.I.P. Feb. 26, 2016

  • Fats Domino turns 88

  • Jerry Lee's teenage wife releases a book

  • The Crickets last performance

  • Bear Family has released an 18 CD Sun collection of Jerry Lee Lewis

  • "Dig That Beat" book by Sheree Homer. Available at Amazon

  • Skeet Seaton R.I.P. Skeet's RHOF Page

    The Sun Records Catalog -- Another article on the same subject

  • Hoyt Scoggins RIP

    Joe Bennett (2015) -- Johnny Meeks (2015) -- Al Ferrier (2015) -- Frankie Ford (2015) -- Joe Mauldin (2015) -- Phil Everly (2014) -- Franny Beecher (2014) -- Teddy Riedel (2014) -- Albert Gonzales (2014) -- Willie Lewis (2014) -- Lee Dresser (2014) -- Cosimo Matassa (2014) -- Mac Curtis (2013)

  • Gene Vincent's Official Site, home page, additions to News & Updates

  • "Johnny B. Goode" recording to help fund film about Chuck Berry's long-time pianist Johnnie Johnson

  • Glenn Cass bio

  • Bonnie Lou Obit

  • Archived Tidbits Here ...

  • VARIOUS ARTISTS VOL. #1 Rockabilly Hall of Fame
  • VARIOUS ARTISTS VOL. #2 Rockabilly Hall of Fame
  • VARIOUS ARTISTS VOL. #3 Rockabilly Hall of Fame
  • VARIOUS ARTISTS VOL. #4 Rockabilly Hall of Fame
  • VARIOUS ARTISTS VOL. #5 Rockabilly Hall of Fame

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